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おちつくochitsuku Inflection

godan ~く verb / intransitive verb:

  • to calm down; to compose oneself; to regain presence of mind
  • to calm down; to settle down; to die down; to become stable; to abate
  • to settle down (in a location, job, etc.); to settle in
  • to be settled; to be fixed; to have been reached - of an arrangement, conclusion, etc.
  • to harmonize with; to harmonise with; to match; to suit; to fit
  • to be unobtrusive; to be quiet; to be subdued - usu. used pronominally as 落ち着いた 落ち着いた【おちついた】

bokuhakareni身を引いてmiwohiite事態jitaiga落ち着くochitsukunowo待つmatsuようにyouni勧めたsusumeta I urged him to get away and cool down.

彼女kanojohaショックSHOKKUwo受けてukete何もnanimo話しhanashiたがろうtagarouとしませんでしたtoshimasendeshita落ち着くochitsukuまでmadeni時間がかかりjikangakakariそうsouda It gave her quite a shock, and she didn't want to talk about anything for a while. I think it'll be a while before she's back to normal.

kareto一緒isshodato落ち着くochitsukuno I feel comfortable in his company.

Kanji definition:


fall; drop; come down; village; hamlet

艹艸䒑 grass
락 [rag]
luò / là / lào
Stroke order:
Example words:
depreciation; decline; fall; slump
calm; composed; cool; / settled; fixed; established; / unobtrusive; quiet; subdued; low-key (color)
fall; crash (e.g. aircraft)
to fall down; to drop; to fall (e.g. rain); to sink (e.g. sun or moon); to fall onto (e.g. light or one's gaze); to be used in a certain place (e.g. money); / to be omitted; to be missing; / to decrease; to sink; / to fail (e.g. exam or class); to lose (contest, election, etc.); / to crash; to degenerate; to degrade; to fall behind; / to become indecent (of a conversation); / to be ruined; to go under; / to fade; to come out (e.g. a stain); to come off (e.g. makeup); to be removed (e.g. illness, possessing spirit, name on a list); / to fall (into someone's hands); to become someone's possession; / to fall (into a trap); to fall (for a trick); / to give in; to give up; to confess; to flee; / to fall; to be defeated; to surrender; / to come to (in the end); to end in; / to fall (in love, asleep, etc.); / to swoon (judo); / to consent; to understand; / to crash; to freeze; / to die; / to move to the depths
rakugo; traditional Japanese comic storytelling; comic story (told by a professional storyteller)

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