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あつかうatsukau Inflection

godan ~う verb / transitive:

  • to deal with (a person); to treat; to handle; to take care of; to entertain
  • to deal with (a problem); to handle; to manage
  • to operate (e.g. a machine); to handle; to work
  • to deal in; to sell
  • to cover (a topic); to treat; to discuss; to take up
  • to treat A as B - as AをBとして扱う
  • to mediate (an argument) - archaism
  • to be too much for one; to find unmanageable - archaism
  • to gossip - archaism

心理学shinrigakuha人間ningenno感情kanjouwo扱うatsukau Psychology deals with human emotions.

彼女kanojohaこのkono機械kikaiwo扱うatsukauのにnoni慣れているnareteiru She is used to handling this machine.

ブラウンBURAUNさんsanha羊毛youmouwo扱うatsukau商人shouninですdesu Mr. Brown is a wool merchant.


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