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ひらくhiraku Inflection

godan ~く verb / intransitive verb / transitive:

  • to open; to undo; to unseal; to unpack
  • to bloom; to unfold; to spread out
  • to open (for business, e.g. in the morning)
  • to be wide (gap, etc.); to widen

godan ~く verb / transitive:

  • to hold (meeting, etc.); to give; to open
  • to found (nation, dynasty, sect, etc.); to open (a new business); to set up; to establish; to start
  • to open (ports, borders, etc.)
  • to open (an account)
  • to open up (new land, path, etc.); to clear; to develop 拓く
  • to open (a file, etc.) - IT term
  • to extract (root); to reduce (equation) - Mathematics term
  • to cut open (fish) - as 魚を開く - Food term
  • to change (kanji into hiragana)

godan ~く verb / intransitive verb:

  • to flare (e.g. skirt)
  • to slacken (into a poor posture) - as 体が開く, 肩が開く, etc. - Sports term

先週senshuu私達watashitachiha舞踏会butoukaiwo開きましたhirakimashita We gave a ball last week.

niwanoバラBARAnokinoつぼみtsubomiga少しずつsukoshizutsu開きhiraki始めるhajimeru Little by little, the buds on the rosebush in my garden begin to open.

私達watashitachihaそのsonomisega開くhirakuまでmadeしばらくshibaraku待つmatsuよりyori仕方がなかったshikataganakatta We had no choice but to wait for a while until the store opened.


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