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ふくむfukumuくくむkukumu Inflection

godan ~む verb / transitive:

  • to contain; to comprise; to have; to hold; to include; to embrace
  • to hold in the mouth 口に含む
  • to bear in mind; to understand; to harbor (grudge, etc.); to harbour
  • to express (emotion, etc.); to imply

霊長類reichouruihaono無いnaiサルSARUだけでなくdakedenaku人間ningenmo含むfukumu The primates include not only the apes, but also man.

全角文字zenkakumojiwo含むfukumuファイル名FUAIRUmeino場合baai一部ichibunoOSdeha文字化けmojibakega生じるshoujiruことがありますkotogaarimasuのでnodeダウンロードDAUNROODOnosaini適宜tekigiファイル名FUAIRUmeiwo変更henkouしてshiteくださいkudasai On some OS's you get gibberish for filenames with full-width characters so when downloading please change to a suitable filename.


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