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みるmiru Inflection

ichidan verb / transitive:

  • to see; to look; to watch; to view; to observe
  • to look over; to look on; to assess; to examine; to judge 診る
  • to look after; to keep an eye on; to take care of - usually written using kana alone 看る
  • to view (e.g. flowers, movie) - usu. 観る

auxiliary verb / ichidan verb:

  • to try; to try out; to test - usu. after a conative verb as 〜てみる - usually written using kana alone
  • to see that...; to find that... - usu. after an aconative verb as 〜てみると, 〜てみれば, 〜てみたら, etc. - usually written using kana alone

上司joushigaいくらikura立派なrippanaことkotowo言ってittemo部下bukaha見るmiruところtokorohaちゃんとchanto見ているmiteiru However fine the words of the management, those working for them see what is to be seen.

atamagaくらくらkurakuraしているshiteiruのでnode深くfukaku考えずkangaezuniいい加減なiikagennaことkotowo書いてkaiteみるmiru My head is swimming, so I'll try writing any-old stuff without any deep thought.

多くookunoアメリカ人AMERIKAjinhaテレビTEREBIde「アイ・ラブ・ルーシー」‘AI/RABU/RUUSHII’no再放送saihousouwo観るmirunoga好きsukida Many Americans love to watch reruns of the I Love Lucy show.

今日kyou朝一asa一deポートレートPOOTOREETOno予約yoyakuga入っているhaitteirundaga・・・どうdouda試しにtameshiniやってyatteみるmiruka First thing today there's an appointment for a portrait ... what do you say? Will you try doing it as a test?


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