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さすsasu Inflection

godan ~す verb / intransitive verb:

  • to shine 射す
  • to be visible
  • to be tinged with
  • to rise (of water levels); to flow in
  • to be felt (i.e. as an emotion); to come over one 気が差す魔が差す

godan ~す verb / transitive:

  • to hold up (an umbrella, etc.); to put up; to raise
  • to extend one's arm straight ahead (in dance) 指す
  • to insert; to put in 挿す
  • to wear (a sword) in one's belt; to wear at one's side; to carry under one's arm 挿す
  • to insert one's arm under an opponent's arm - Sumo term
  • to pole (a boat) 刺す
  • to pour; to add (liquid); to serve (drinks) 注す
  • to put on (lipstick, etc.); to apply; to colour; to dye
  • to light (a fire); to burn
  • to shut; to close; to lock; to fasten 鎖す【さす】

suffix / godan ~す verb:

  • to stop in the midst of; to leave undone - after the -masu stem of a verb 止す【さす】

ほお紅hoobeniya口紅kuchibeniwo差すsasuだけdakede表情hyoujouya笑顔egaogaどんどんdondon変わってkawatteくるkuruんですndesu Expressions and smiles change like that just from applying rouge and lipstick.

uwasawoすればsurebakagegaさすsasu Talk of the devil and he's sure to appear.


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