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とめるtomeru Inflection

ichidan verb / transitive:

  • to stop; to turn off - esp. 止める, 停める
  • to park - esp. 止める, 停める
  • to prevent; to suppress (a cough); to hold back (tears); to hold (one's breath); to relieve (pain) - esp. 止める, 停める
  • to stop (someone from doing something); to dissuade; to forbid; to prohibit
  • to notice; to be aware of; to concentrate on; to pay attention to; to remember; to bear in mind 目を留める気に留める
  • to fix (in place); to fasten; to tack; to pin; to nail; to button; to staple - esp. 留める
  • to detain; to keep in custody - esp. 留める

そのsono新聞shinbunha政府seifuniインフレINFUREwo止めるtomeruようにyouni求めたmotometa The newspaper called for the government to stop inflation.

このkono文書bunshohaあなたanatanoomeniだけdake留めてtometeいただきitadakiたいtai This document is for your eyes only.

watashiga言ったittaことkotowo留めてtometeおいてoite下さいkudasai Please bear in mind what I said.

木片mokuhenhahonno留め木tomekide留めてあるtometearu The wooden pieces are fastened with a peg.

ここkokonikurumawo停めるtomerunoha違法ihouですdesu It's illegal to park your car here.


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