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やくyakuoldold Inflection

godan ~く verb / transitive:

  • to burn
  • to roast; to broil; to grill; to bake; to toast; to barbecue
  • to heat; to heat up
  • to make (charcoal, pottery, bricks, etc.); to bake; to fire; to burn
  • to tan (i.e. suntan); to burn 灼く【やく】
  • to print (a photo); to burn (an optical disc)
  • to be jealous of; to be envious of; to envy 妬く【やく】

hahaha日曜日nichiyoubiにはnihaクッキーKUKKIIwo焼くyaku Mother bakes cookies on Sundays.

windowXPにはnihaCDCDwo焼くyaku機能kinougaあるaruそうsouですdesugaそのsono手順tejunwo解説kaisetsuしているshiteiruページPEEJIwo教えてoshieteくださいkudasai I hear that you can burn CDs with Windows XP; could you tell me a website that explains the procedures involved?

多くookunohitogaスポンジSUPONJIケーキKEEKIwo焼くyakunoha難しいmuzukashiito考えkangaeteいるiruしかしながらshikashinagara十分juubunnaryounotamagowo使用shiyouすれsureba実際jissainanimo失敗shippaiするsuruようyounaことkotohaないnai Many people think that sponge cake is difficult to bake, but if you use enough eggs, nothing can really go wrong.


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