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はやいhayaioldold Inflection


  • fast; quick; hasty; brisk - esp. 速い, 疾い, 捷い
  • early (in the day, etc.); premature - esp. 早い
  • (too) soon; not yet; (too) early - esp. 早い
  • easy; simple; quick - esp. 早い 手っ取り早い

速いhayaiha遅いosoino反対hantai "Fast" is the opposite of "slow."

北欧hokuoudehafuyuno訪れotozurega早いhayai Winter comes earlier in North Europe.

オーボエOOBOE奏者soushaなんかnankaha自分jibunniあうauリードRIIDOwo探すsagasuよりyori作ったtsukuttahouga速いhayaito自分でjibunde作ってtsukutteしまうshimauhitomoいるiru Heck, with oboe players there are those who, rather than search for a reed that suits them, find it faster to make their own.


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