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あたるataru Inflection

godan ~る verb / intransitive verb:

  • to be hit; to strike Antonym: 外す
  • to touch; to be in contact; to be affixed
  • to be equivalent to; to be applicable; to apply to
  • to be right on the money (of a prediction, criticism, etc.)
  • to be selected (in a lottery, etc.); to win
  • to be successful; to go well; to be a hit
  • to face; to confront
  • to lie (in the direction of)
  • to undertake; to be assigned
  • to be stricken (by food poisoning, heat, etc.); to be afflicted
  • to be called upon (by the teacher)
  • to treat (esp. harshly); to lash out at
  • to be unnecessary - as 〜するには当たらない, etc.
  • to be hitting well; to be on a hitting streak - usu. as 当たっている - Baseball term
  • (in fishing) to feel a bite
  • (of fruit, etc.) to be bruised; to spoil

godan ~る verb / transitive:

  • to feel (something) out; to probe into; to check (i.e. by comparison)
  • to shave
  • to be a relative of a person; to stand in a relationship - as 〜の〜に当たる

日本nipponnosakurahaまさにmasaniイギリスIGIRISUnoバラBARAniあたるataru The cherry blossom is to Japan what the rose is to England.

yumeha時としてtokitoshiteあたるataru Dreams sometimes come true.

watashihakaoni冷たいtsumetaikazega当たるatarunowo感じたkanjita I felt a cold wind on my face.


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