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あかるいakaruiirr. Inflection


  • light; well-lit; well-lighted
  • bright (of a colour); brightly-coloured; brightly-colored
  • cheerful; bright; spirited; sunny (e.g. disposition)
  • encouraging (for the future of a project, etc.); promising; of fair prospects
  • familiar (with); knowledgeable (about); well versed (in) - as 〜に明るい
  • fair (e.g. politics); clean; impartial

彼等kareraha自宅jitakuwo明るいakarui黄色kiironi塗ったnutta They painted their house bright yellow.

明るいakaruiiroga私たちwatashitachino目を引いたmewohiita The bright colors arrested our eyes.

あのano子供kodomoha明るいakarui微笑bishoudeみんなminnawoひきつけるhikitsukeru The child captivates everyone with his sunny smile.

kimihaなかなかnakanaka地理chirini明るいakaruina You're pretty good with the lay of the land.


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