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うちこむuchikomu Inflection

godan ~む verb / transitive:

  • to drive in (e.g. nail, stake); to hammer in
  • to hit (a ball, etc.); to drive; to smash
  • to fire into (e.g. a crowd); to launch (e.g. missiles); to lob (e.g. grenades) 撃ち込む
  • to input (data); to enter
  • to devote oneself to; to go heart and soul into; to throw oneself into; to go head over heels for
  • to practice hitting (baseball, tennis, etc.) - Sports term
  • to hit (an opponent in kendo, boxing, etc.); to get a blow in - Martial Arts term
  • to invade one's opponent's territory (in the game of go); to place a stone in an opponent's formation
  • to pour (concrete, etc.) into a form

ノートパソコンNOOTOPASOKONno電源を入れdengenwoireブラウザBURAUZAwo立ち上げてtachiageteもうmou覚えてoboeteしまったshimattaアドレスADORESUwo打ち込むuchikomu I switch on my laptop, start up the browser, and type in the address I've already learnt by heart.

基礎kisonikuiwo打ち込むuchikomunowo忘れてwasurete空中kuuchuuni楼閣roukakuwo建てるtateruとはtohaあなたanatamo愚かなorokanahitoda It is foolish of you to build a castle in the air while forgetting to drive in pilings for its foundation.


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