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ひろいhiroi Inflection


  • spacious; vast; wide

ジョンソンJONSONさんsannoha広いhiroi部屋heyada Mr Johnson's was a large room.

むずかしいmuzukashiiむつかしいmutsukashiiatejioldatejiold Inflection


  • difficult; hard; troublesome; complicated; serious (disease, problem, etc.)
  • fussy; particular; fastidious; hard to please; displeased
  • gloomy; glum; sullen; serious (look)
  • dirty; unclean; filthy; detestable - archaism
  • unpleasant; uncomfortable; creepy; spooky - archaism

あのano老人roujinha食べ物tabemononi難しいmuzukashii That old man is a fussy eater.

はいhaitoいいえiieしかshika言わないiwanaihitoto会話kaiwawo続けるtsuzukerunoha難しいmuzukashii It is difficult to keep up a conversation with someone who only says Yes and No.

おおきいookii Inflection


  • big; large; great
  • loud
  • extensive; spacious
  • important; decisive; valuable
  • older; grown up

きみkimiha何とnanito大きいookiiiewo持っているmotteirunだろうdarou What a big house you have!

もっとmotto大きいookiikoede言ってitteくださいkudasai Please say it more loudly.

たかいtakaiirr. Inflection


  • high; tall 高い Antonym: 低い
  • expensive; high-priced
  • high (level); above average (in degree, quality, etc.)
  • loud
  • high-pitched; shrill

銀行ginkouhaリスクRISUKUno高いtakai顧客kokyakuhenoローンROONにはniha高いtakai金利kinriwoつけるtsukeru Banks charge higher interest on loans to risky customers.

できたらdekitaraスケッチブックSUKETCHIBUKKUto4Bno鉛筆enpitsumo買ってkatteきてkiteおいてoiteneまだmadaそんなにsonnani高いtakai画材gazaihaいらないiranaiyo If you can, get a sketchbook and a 4B pencil. You don't need such expensive art materials yet.

新しいatarashii製造seizou過程kateiha高いtakai歩留まりbudomariwo可能kanouniするsuru The new production process achieves a high yield.

あたらしいatarashiiirr. Inflection


  • new; novel; fresh; recent; latest; up-to-date; modern

あなたanatano新しいatarashiikurumaha調子choushiよくyoku動いていますugoiteimasuka Is your new car behaving well?

あかるいakaruiirr. Inflection


  • light; well-lit; well-lighted
  • bright (of a colour); brightly-coloured; brightly-colored
  • cheerful; bright; spirited; sunny (e.g. disposition)
  • encouraging (for the future of a project, etc.); promising; of fair prospects
  • familiar (with); knowledgeable (about); well versed (in) - as 〜に明るい
  • fair (e.g. politics); clean; impartial

彼等kareraha自宅jitakuwo明るいakarui黄色kiironi塗ったnutta They painted their house bright yellow.

明るいakaruiiroga私たちwatashitachino目を引いたmewohiita The bright colors arrested our eyes.

あのano子供kodomoha明るいakarui微笑bishoudeみんなminnawoひきつけるhikitsukeru The child captivates everyone with his sunny smile.

kimihaなかなかnakanaka地理chirini明るいakaruina You're pretty good with the lay of the land.

はやいhayaioldold Inflection


  • fast; quick; hasty; brisk - esp. 速い, 疾い, 捷い
  • early (in the day, etc.); premature - esp. 早い
  • (too) soon; not yet; (too) early - esp. 早い
  • easy; simple; quick - esp. 早い 手っ取り早い

速いhayaiha遅いosoino反対hantai "Fast" is the opposite of "slow."

北欧hokuoudehafuyuno訪れotozurega早いhayai Winter comes earlier in North Europe.

オーボエOOBOE奏者soushaなんかnankaha自分jibunniあうauリードRIIDOwo探すsagasuよりyori作ったtsukuttahouga速いhayaito自分でjibunde作ってtsukutteしまうshimauhitomoいるiru Heck, with oboe players there are those who, rather than search for a reed that suits them, find it faster to make their own.

あかいakaioldoldoldold Inflection


  • red; crimson; scarlet; vermilion; vermillion - 紅い is esp. for scarlet
  • Red; communist
  • beautiful - archaism

中央chuuouにはnihatsukuega据えられていてsuerareteite赤いakai革張りkawabarino回転椅子kaiten'isugaそえてsoeteあったatta A desk stood in the centre, with a red leather swivel-chair.

ひくいhikui Inflection


  • low (rank, degree, value, content, quality, etc.) Antonym: 高い高い
  • low (position); close to the ground
  • short (height)
  • deep (voice); in a low key; low (volume)

このkonotsukuehawatashiにはnihaちょっとchotto低いhikui This desk is a little low for me.

まだmada水温suion低いhikuiからkara泳ぐoyoguつもりtsumorihaないnainyo The water temperature's still low so you're not going to swim, are you?

あついatsui Inflection


  • hot (thing) Antonym: 冷たい
  • passionate (feelings, etc.); ardent; hot (e.g. gaze) Antonym: 冷たい
  • hot (e.g. temper)
  • zealous; enthusiastic; fired up
  • intense; severe; extreme
  • hot (topic); of interest

スープSUUPUha熱いatsuiうちuchini召し上がってmeshiagatte下さいkudasai Eat your soup while it is hot.

ima欲しいhoshiinoha熱いatsui一杯noコーヒーKOOHIIですdesu What I want now is a hot cup of coffee.

亡き母nakihahano写真shashinwo見るmiruたびにtabinimuneni熱いatsuiものmonoga込み上げてkomiageteくるkuru Every time I see that picture of my late mother, I feel a lump in my throat.

わるいwaruioldold Inflection


  • bad; poor; inferior
  • evil; sinful
  • unprofitable; unbeneficial
  • at fault; to blame; in the wrong
  • sorry

顔色がわるいkaoirogawaruiけどkedo具合guaiga悪いwaruinoかいkai」「そういうsouiuわけwakeでもないdemonaiyo "You look pale. Are you sick?" "Not exactly."

すいませんsuimasenあなたanatani悪いwaruiことkotowoしましたshimashita I'm sorry. I did you wrong.

これkoreha悪いwaruihanashiではないdehanaiでしょうdeshou This isn't an unappealing proposition, is it?

あなたanatanoおっしゃるossharuことkotoha認めるmitomeruにしてもnishitemowatashihaやはりyahariあなたanataga悪いwaruito思いますomoimasu Even given what you say, I still think you are to blame.

悪いwaruiけどkedoo豆腐toufu買ってkatteきてkiteくれないkurenai I really shouldn't ask, but could you go get some tofu for me?

やすいyasui Inflection


  • cheap; inexpensive
  • calm; peaceful; quiet 安い

ビールBIIRUha麦芽bakugano含有量gan'yuuryouによってniyotte課税kazeiされるsareruからkara発泡酒happoushunohouga安いyasuindayo Beer is taxed according to its malt content, so low-malt beer is cheaper.

くらいkurai Inflection


  • dark; gloomy; murky
  • depressed; dispirited; down in the dumps; dark (mood)
  • dark (in colour); dull
  • ill-boding; dark (e.g. past); suspicious
  • unlikely (to succeed); hopeless; unpromising
  • unfamiliar (with); ignorant (of) - as 〜に暗い Antonym: 明るい

目を覚ましてmewosamashiteみるmirutokareha暗いkurai部屋heyani閉じこめられていたtojikomerareteita He awoke and found himself shut up in a dark room.

そしてsoshiteついtsui先日senjitsumade暗いkurai感じkanjiだったdattaのにnoniどこにもかしこにもdokonimokashikonimohanahanahana Then, although it was dreary up to the other day, everywhere were flowers, flowers, flowers.

暗いkuraiからkara足下ashimotoni気をつけてkiwotsukete It's dark, so watch your step.

やさしいyasashii Inflection


易しいyasashii言葉kotobadeそれsorewo説明setsumeiしてshite下さいkudasai Explain it in plain words.

とおいtooi Inflection


  • far; distant; far away; a long way off; in the distance
  • distant (past); remote (in time); remote; far-removed (in time)
  • distant (relationship or kinship); having little to do (with someone)
  • far (from something else in quality, degree, etc.); not similar; way off
  • hard (of hearing) - as 耳が遠い
  • nearsighted - as 目が遠い

kareha彼女kanojono遠いtooi親戚shinsekida He is a distant relation of hers.

ここkokoからkara遠いtooino Is it far from here?

明日ashita明日ashitaというtoiuhiga遠いtooi遠いtooisakinoことkotoのようにnoyouni感じられたkanjirareta Tomorrow ... tomorrow seemed such a long, long way off.

きたないkitanaiirr. Inflection


  • dirty; filthy; foul; unclean
  • disordered; messy; untidy; poor (e.g. handwriting)
  • indecent (language, etc.); dirty; vulgar; coarse
  • dastardly; mean; base; underhanded
  • stingy; greedy

ジャックJAKKUhawatashini汚いkitanaiいたずらitazurawoしたshita Jack played a dirty trick on me.

汚いkitanai行為kouino報いmukuiha必ずkanarazu自分jibunni返ってkaetteくるkuru What goes around comes around.

きいろいkiiroi Inflection


bokuha黄色いkiiroi粉末funmatsuwo白いshiroi粉末funmatsuto混ぜてmazete茶色chairono粉末funmatsuniしたりshitari結晶kesshouwo粉末funmatsuto混ぜてmazeteほこりhokoriniしたりshitari液体ekitaiwo固体kotaito結合ketsugouさせてsasetedorowo作ったりtsukuttariなどnadoあれこれarekoreやってみたyattemitaのだnoda I tried this and that, blending yellow with white powders and obtaining brown, mixing crystals with powders and getting dust, combining liquids with solids and making mud.

たのしいtanoshiiirr.irr. Inflection


  • enjoyable; fun; pleasant; happy; delightful

外国gaikokugogaとってもtottemo楽しいtanoshiito分っwakata I find foreign languages very interesting.

さむいsamuiさぶいsabui Inflection


  • cold (e.g. weather) Antonym: 暑い
  • uninteresting (esp. joke); lame; dull; weak; corny お寒い

寒いsamui It's cold.

あまいamai Inflection


  • sweet-tasting; sweet; sugary; sugared
  • fragrant (smelling); sweet (music)
  • lightly salted; light in salt; not spicy
  • naive; overly optimistic; soft on; generous; indulgent; easy-going; lenient 甘く見る
  • half-hearted; not finished properly
  • insufficient; not satisfactory; inadequate; loose
  • mild
  • tempting; enticing; luring 甘い言葉

このkonoチョコレートCHOKOREETOhaとってもtottemo甘くてamakuteおいしいoishii This chocolate is very sweet and tasty.

ゆりyuriha甘いamai香りがするkaorigasuru Lilies smell sweet.

メアリーMEARIIにはnihaついtsui甘くamakuなってnatteしまうshimau I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Mary.

彼女kanojoha彼のkareno甘いamai言葉kotobaniだまされたdamasareta She was beguiled by his sweet words.

あぶないabunai Inflection


  • dangerous; risky; hazardous; perilous; precarious
  • in danger; in jeopardy; critical; grave; at risk
  • uncertain; unreliable; insecure; unsteady; doubtful
  • close (i.e. a close call); narrow

こんなkonna夜更けyofukeni女の子onnanokono一人歩き一nin'arukiha危ないabunai It's not safe for a girl to go out by herself this late at night.

karehainochiga危ないabunai His life is in danger.

危ないabunai空模様soramoyouda The weather is threatening.

間一髪kan'ippatsu危ないabunaiところtokoroでしたdeshita That was a close call.

つよいtsuyoi Inflection


  • strong; potent; competent; domineering; tough
  • strong; brawny; powerful; healthy; rugged
  • good (at); skilled; knowledgeable
  • being able to handle; know how to deal (with); durable (against); resistant (to); resilient - as 〜に強い
  • firm; rigid; solid
  • intense; strong; fierce; high
  • dependable; trustworthy

そのsono釣り人tsurijinha釣り糸tsuriitoni強いtsuyoi引きhikiwo感じたkanjita The angler felt a strong tug on the line.

zouというものtoiumonoha強いtsuyoi動物doubutsuであるdearu An elephant is a strong animal.

このkono布地nunojiha洗濯sentakuni強いtsuyoi This material will stand up to lots of washings.

せまいsemai Inflection


  • narrow; confined; small; cramped
  • limited; narrow-minded; confining

彼女kanojoha狭いsemai範囲han'ideしかshikamonoga見えないmienai She can only view things in a narrow scope.

ちかいchikai Inflection


  • near; close; short (distance)
  • close (in time); soon
  • close (relationship); friendly; intimate
  • closely related
  • similar; likeworthy; almost the same

このkono公園kouenno西側nishigawani近いchikaiところtokoroha道路dourono騒音souonmo大きいookiigaokuniはいるhairutoもうmou聞こえないkikoenai Near the west side of the park there's a lot of noise from the road, but when you go into the park you can't hear it any more.

集められたatsumerareta使用人shiyouninさんsanたちtachiha総勢souzei・・・hiゃ、百ya,百nin近いchikaiyo The servants gathered there totalled ... n-nearly one hundred!

かるいkaruiかろいkaroi Inflection


  • light (i.e. not heavy); feeling light (i.e. offering little resistance, moving easily) Antonym: 重い
  • light (i.e. of foot); effortless; nimble; agile
  • non-serious; minor; unimportant; trivial
  • slight; small; gentle; soft; easy; lighthearted (e.g. joke)
  • easy; simple
  • indiscriminate 口が軽い

えりerinoスーツケースSUUTSUKEESUha重たomotaそうsoudaga実際jissaihaとてもtotemo軽いkarui Although Eri's suitcase looks heavy, it's actually very light.

終わったowattaあとatomoashiga軽いkarui感じkanjigaしましたshimashita I felt very light on my feet afterwards.

しかしshikashikareni大きなookinaけがkegahaなくnaku軽いkarui打撲傷dabokushoude済んだsunda However he wasn't seriously hurt and got away with light bruising.

watashiha気が短いkigamijikaishikuchimo軽いkaruiotokoda I'm short-tempered, and a loose-tongued man.


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